Born in Germany in 1975, Heather (she/her/hers) has lived in eight different U.S. states. She is currently occupied with unearthing the creativity and poetry of clay, and re-creating the mystical landscape of aesthetics and symbolism. She studied Artmaking and Anthropology which led her to graduate studies in Art Therapy, Archaeology, and Art and Cultural Leadership. She has her feet firmly embedded in the roots of art, archaeology, museums and the communities that house them.  She has exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and her work can be found in public and private collections worldwide.

Materials: I prefer working as close to nature as possible. Most ceramics are handbuilt, coiled and pinched, but some work has been formed with the addition of the wheel or a roller mill. Nothing is as astounding as working the earth and aligning it to magnetic North during firing. Oil on canvas abstracts are large swirling elements of color and space, the juxtaposition of nebulas and rivers for the viewer to decide. Old, weathered, falling apart books are deconstructed and reimagined. From drawing stratigraphic profiles at an archaeological dig to drawing an arrowhead’s flakes and hinge fractures to creating geometric clouds, Line and form are the foundation of abstraction.

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